Hempweavers received a positive feedback about a recreation of the XVI th century canvas, from the Painting Restoration Department of the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid and from the author of the book Técnicas y materiales de la pintura espanhola en los Siglos de Oro, Rocío Bruquetas. 

warp: linen 16/1, 10 threads/1cm; weft: linen, handspun linen, 9-10 threads/1cm
Source of a technical drawing: a thesis by Thais Rhodés Sarrablo 'El Soporte de tela en la Pintura Europea de los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII', 2012


More detailed informations You may find on our blog and in the booklet:

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Canvas is woven by Marta Pokojowczyk in 'Helena Loermans Handwoven Textiles' Atelier in Odemira, Portugal.

an oak and mahogany wood

Interferences by Marta Pokojowczyk; mixed technique on handwoven 'mantelillo veneziano' linen canvas.

'The Way', 20 x 52 cm

'Constellations', 59 x 52 cm

'Holy Mountain', 126 x 53 cm