...the canvas, x-ray image, as used by El Greco for the paintings in the 'Iglesia de la Caridad de Illescas'

...imagine, in the very first publication where I found the draft for the canvas that El Greco used for 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz', another canvas was published in an x-ray image. It was in 2015, by then I had not yet 'discovered' the x-ray images.
That's how it works in investigation...
Now I had another read to that study, had a deeper look into that x-ray image, analysed it and made the weaving draft!
Lots to weave ( although from this one I still have to try to find the correct density)

Thanks to my Portuguese I understand the Spanish language, without that I might never have found this precious study that initiated my investigation.
Thanks to Thais Rodés Sarrablo and Rocío Bruquetas.