patterns in tablecloth and painters canvas that survived for centuries...

'The Last Supper', central panel from the Eucharist Triptych, 1515 downloaded from PBS LearningMedia, to use this asset expire on 12/31/2099 .
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in Ars Textrina, Volume 13 , December 1990
Patricia Hilts, p 28
Photographs of these patterns are produced in: D.M. Mitchell " 'By Your Leave my Masters': Britisch taste in Table Linen in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries"
Textile History 20 (1989)p61 and p62

tablecloth, owned by Jan Bustin

compter generated draft of the tablecloth, owned by Jan Bustin

handmade drawings,upper part: tablecloth lower part: canvas as used in a
17 th century painting, atributed to Francisco Correia

canvas in a 17 th century painting, atributed to Francisco Correia. source and photograph thesis by Rita Maltieira 2016, Universidade Católica Portuguesa.
the canvas has been lined for the first time in 2016 , after this picture was taken.