Research and Reconstructions on Van Gogh paintings

Vincent Van Gogh painted mainly on plain weave canvas but three of his paintings are on a different texture and from the same bolt of canvas...
Two pictures of a sample of the recreation of that textile, handwoven in the Laboratory of Handwoven Canvas from Helena Loermans in Odemira.
X-ray study

original paintings in Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
'Portrait of a Man with a Skull Cap
'Self-Portriat in Front of the Easel'
'Still life with Red Cabbages and Onions'

Linen yarn from Safilin

Vincent Van Gogh usou quase sempre uma tela em tafetá mas três das suas pinturas são sobre tela com textura diferente e são da mesma teia tecida...
Duas imagens de uma mostra deste têxtil , tecido no Laboratório de Telas Manuais de Helena Loermans em Odemira 
estudo de raio-x
pinturas originais no Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
fio de linho de Safilin